Apr 19, 2012

Van Gogh in Asnières ... Park Paintings

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During the spring of 1887, Vincent van Gogh was living in Paris and staying with his friend and fellow artist Emile Bernard. In addition to Bernard, Van Gogh was exposed to the emerging techniques of other artists in the community in Paris. 

The influences of Impressionism and Pointillism are evident in his work from this time. At the time, Van Gogh was painting en plein air, painting outdoors, and because he was staying in the suburbs just north of Paris in Asnières, the scenery that Van Gogh was painting on the banks of the Seine was more like the countryside rather than the hustle and bustle of the more metropolitan areas.  This gave way to brighter and more colorful paintings for Van Gogh.

While Van Gogh painted several landscapes during this time, one of the popular subjects that Van Gogh painted was a series of different paintings of the park at Asnières. View some of these paintings below: