Mar 8, 2011

Lawn Mania

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Replicas of designer motifs can be purchased at a low-price in markets. Photo: Eye-catching Pink Designer Lawn Suit

By Tanveer Khadim

As the mercury is rising day by day, summer fabric 'lawn' has flooded the local bazaars. Allured by its everlasting coolness, Pakistani women wholly lost in 'lawn mania' can be seen around shops and spots that sell lawn in an array of designs, stupendous prints in different colours from lighter to darker tones.

Lawn is a fine light weight, plain weave fabric made of combed cotton yarns which can be bleached, dyed or printed. It is the best texture that holds maximum absorbency and gives soothing effect to all type of skins in hot humid summer days.

Over the past many years textile mills and leading fashion designers have experimented innovative exclusive concepts to metamorphosis the old concept of lawn suits. As soon as the spring arrives, their lawn exhibitions in all major cities attract women from every nook and corner.

This year prices for an ordinary three piece suit generally starts around Rs 650 and can reach sky if one opts for a designer launched lawn suit, as they tempt ladies by fine quality fabric with great dramatic prints in vibrant colour coordination. Those who cannot wear dupattas, have an option of buying lawn suit with chiffon dupatta in matching colour n design as low as Rs 950.

However, stolen replicas of designer motifs can be purchased at a low-price in markets. This is certainly an immense setback which highlights the ongoing skirmish that designers are having in forbidding their prints from being pirated by much larger mass-market competitors.

Designer have introduced more than 4 piece lawn Suit

Some of the famous textile manufacturers introduced a new concept for this season by giving a choice of 4 piece and 5 piece lawn suit to their customers. They have added different pattern style sleeves and panels to give a  stylish variety for a  fashionable look. The prices of such suits exceeds enormously for an ordinary buyer.

This summer pick lawn in soft colours like cream, pink, light sandy browns for romantic looks. However, bright ultramarine with bold abstract graphic design and starched-crisp-finish out-sized botanical floral patterns captures the optimistic spirit of summer.

No doubt lots of women always love those tremendous classy striking black n white monochrome patterns. Undeniably, lawn in black n white with over sized abstract prints is in vogue since last decade and every year serves as 'Old is Gold' or in other words these are 'seasonal must have'.